Prague, August 25-30, 1997


Tuesday, August 26 (Representation Theory)

Main speaker: C. M. Ringel: The Ziegler spectrum of a tame hereditary algebra

Other speakers:

H. Meltzer: Exceptional sequences and tilting complexes for hereditary algebras of type An

G. D`Este: Extensions of bimodules

M.Schmidmeier: An upper bound for the endolength of the transpose of an endofinite module

H. Krause: On almost idempotent ideals which are nilpotent


Wednesday, August 27 (Module Theory)

Main speaker: R. Colpi: Tilting in Grothendieck categories

Other speakers:

B. Torrecillas: Covers of modules over a fixed ring

E. Gregorio: Duality for generalized lineary compact rings

J. L.Gómez Pardo: Modules and rings with finite essential socle

A. Tonolo: On the complementarity of quasi-tilting triples

J. Tůma: On uniform refinement properties of distributive semilattices

F.Wehrung: Proper congruence-preserving extensions of algebras

J. Žemlička: Steadiness of semiartinian rings


Thursday, August 28 (Model Theoretic Methods)

Main speaker: M. Y. Prest: Pure-injective modules over the first Weyl algebra

Other speakers (morning session):

P. Schuster: On constructing zeros of complex polynomials almost without choice

P. Rothmaler: Purity and clases of general structures definable in the sense of Crawley-Boevey


Friday, August 29 (Set Theoretic Methods)

Main speaker: P. C. Eklof: The Kaplansky test problems

Other speakers:

L. Bican: Weak Krull-Schmidt theorem

J. Trlifaj: Cofinal decreasing chains of modules

S. Pabst: A realization theorem for a polynomial ring in uncountably many variables

R. El Bashir: Slender and slim modules

T. Kepka: Simple commutative semirings