Some Trends in Algebra '99

Prague, September 6-10, 1999


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Programme of STA '99 for Monday, September 6


Morning session

Chairperson: E. Enochs

10.00 Opening of the conference

10.15 L. Salce: A 50 years old problem on domains and their modules

11.30 coffee break

11.50 P. Zanardo: A classical result on maximal valuation domains revisited


Afternoon session

Chairperson: C. Menini

15.00 coffee

15.20 W. K. Nicholson: Ikeda-Nakayama rings

15.55 C. Santa-Clara: Modules which are self-injective relative to closed submodules

16.30 J.Zemlicka: Testing of steadiness



Programme of STA '99 for Tuesday, September 7


Morning session

Chairperson: D. Herbera

10.00 E. Gregorio: Weakly tilting bimodules

11.05 coffee break

11.25 A. Tonolo: Cotilting duality: different approaches

12.00 F. Mantese: Cotilting dualities and hereditary cotilting modules

12.35 L. Bican: Covers of modules


Afternoon session

Chairperson: W.K.Nicholson

15.00 coffee

15.20 C. Menini: Baer duality for commutative rings

15.55 P. Jara: Graphs and coalgebras 16.30 G.D'Este: Reflexive modules are not closed under submodules


Programme of STA '99 for Wednesday, September 8


Morning session

Chairperson: P. Zanardo

10.00 E. Enochs: Remarks on cotorsion theories and relative homological algebra

11.05 coffee break

11.25 J. P. Rada: Reflective subcategories

12.05 J. Trlifaj: A generalization of FCC


Afternoon session

Chairperson: A. Tonolo

15.00 coffee

15.20 R. El Bashir: On the density of pure submodules

16.30 P. A. Guil Asensio: Every Σ-CS has an indecomposible decomposition


Programme of STA '99 for Thursday, September 9


Morning session

Chairperson: L. Salce

10.00 P. Eklof: Whitehead groups old and new

11.05 coffee break

11.25 T. Kepka: On a problem of J.-P. Soublin

12.00 P. Růžička: Realization of certain distributive lattices

as lattices of two sided ideals of locally matricial algebras


free afternoon


19.30 social evening




Programme of STA '99 for Friday, September 10


Morning session

Chairperson: E. Gregorio

10.00 D. Herbera: Examples of semilocal rings

10.35 J. L. Garcia Hernandez: Categories of locally finite representation type

11.10 coffee break

11.30 L. Marin: Watts theorems for associative rings