Alg Version 2.0

This is a small program for fast work with small algebras (with up to 62 elements) of a signature with operation symbols of arities at most 2. It can be useful for checking whether an algebra satisfies a set of equations (or more general first-order formulas), for checking whether an algebra is subdirectly irreducible, some other things, and for constructing free algebras: you can try to build (or at least to find the cardinality of) the free algebra in the variety generated by a finite algebra, or the free algebra in the variety determined by the list of your equations, over your selected partial algebra.
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This version 2 brings faster checking for embeddability, improved lattice drawing, and a possibility to work also with larger algebras at least in some way. Larger algebras are again not displayed, but you can save them in a text file and then read or edit them in a text editor. In the program, an element with large order number, like 63, is represented by [63] instead of by a character (in both an input and an output).
The program can be downloaded here: Alg.exe