Groupoid Version 1.0

This is a small program for fast work with small groupoids (with up to 62 elements). It can be useful for checking whether a groupoid satisfies a set of equations, and for checking whether a groupoid is subdirectly irreducible. You can also generate a subgroupoid of a groupoid or of the product of two or three groupoids, generate a congruence from a relation that you input in a dialog box, try to extend a mapping from one groupoid into another to a homomorphism of a subalgebra into the other groupoid, and complete a partial groupoid (as much as possible) with respect to a list of equations.
The newer program Algebra is an extension of Groupoid. However, Groupoid can be still useful: in some cases it can run a little bit faster.
The program can be downloaded here: Groupoid.exe
It needs no installation. Just download and run it. It should run under most versions of Windows. (It was tested only on Windows XP.)
It is almost self-explanatory; it contains a help page (click on the button H when running the program). Also, you can find more information in the answers to Frequently asked questions.